Fire in the East

Mini-session 1

The Senate decides

The Debate:

An urgent and private Senate meeting was called by Lord Sycan Tulumnar. The most influential government officials were called in, including Feldrin the half elf, to decide on a course of action regarding the elemental imbalance to the east. The city mages had confirmed, via scrying, that the elven cultists had opened some sort of rift to the elemental plane.

After fierce debating, it was Feldrin who ultimately convinced the Lord that his plan of action was best. Armed with a signed document allowing his command over two score lancers, he headed straight to an armory to prepare for his first time in the field.

A Simple Brigand?:

Dusk was falling as Feldrin headed back towards his home. He soon found himself cornered in a small alleyway – a full elf brigand on either side. The warrior-senator made quick work of one of the brigands, as the second dashed off in an attempt to escape the unexpected wrath. The senator sheathed his weapon and ran after the elf. His extreme use of force would not go over well with the rest of the senate – especially with treacherous culture of the Trey’lanian government. Any simple infraction could see him replaced within the same day.

Before the pursuit could truly begin, Feldrin caught up to the brigand and reached for him, catching the elf’s cloak. However, his fingers slipped and the cutthroat continued down the path. Feldrin’s boots slid along the smooth dirt road as he reached for his repeating crossbow. He quickly checked to ensure no passerby was watching as he released the bolt towards his fleeing foe. The elf nearly stumbled forward as he felt the force of the bolt flying past. Distraught, the senator caught up with his enemy once again, and attempted to tackle him. He misjudged the distance, however, and ended up face-first in the dirt. At the last moment he saw the elf duck into another alley. He continued the pursuit. As Feldrin turned the corner into the alley, he gathered energy around himself and called forth power from his deity, harming and stopping the brigand in his tracks. As the elf shook off the shock from the blow, he continued to run. Feldrin used his last ounces of energy to run in front of his target and attempt to stop him. The brigand ran full-force into the senator, as they both tumbled to the ground.



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